Group Members

A few graduate assistantships are available for highly motivated and qualified students. Preference is given to PhD students, however outstanding MS students may be considered. If you have overlapping research interests, please contact me via email with an identified project/topic.

Group members in Summer 2017 (left to right): Linh, Ebrahim, Richard Wood (PI), Yijun, and Garrett.

Active Research Student Advisees

M. Ebrahim Mohammadi

Ph.D. Student: 2014-current
Structural Damage Detection from Point Clouds

Yijun Liao

Ph.D. Student: 2016-current
Remote Assessment of Distributed Civil Infrastructure 
Graduate Student: Fall 2015
Analytical Verification of Shallow Embedded Anchors for Retrofitted Bridge Rail (previous study)

Linh Abdulrahman

M.S. Student: 2015-current
Structural Assessment and Modeling of a Five Tiered Pagoda Style Temple in Nepal.

Garrett P. Martindale

M.S. Student: 2015-current
Structural Identification and Assessment of Inverted Tee Bridge Systems

Kanchan Devkota

M.S. Student: 2017-current
To be determined

Former Research Student Advisees

Jace J. Furley

Undergraduate Student: Fall 2015 - Spring 2016
LiDAR Assessment of Bridge Structures

Thiago Freitas

Undergraduate Student: Spring 2016
Experimental Investigation of Printed Structures

Giovana de Brito Silva

Undergraduate Student: Spring 2016
Remote Sensing Data Collection for Distributed Civil Infrastructure

Jordan Wipf

Undergraduate Student: Fall 2015
Experimental Verification of Shallow Embedded Anchors in Older Bridge Decks

Pamela Nogueira

Undergraduate Student (independent study): Spring and Summer of 2015
Assessment of Structures using Remote Sensing Techniques

RaĆ­ Luis Barbosa

Undergraduate Student (independent study): Spring 2015
Bridge Deflection Assessment using LiDAR

Gulipiye Abudukadier

M.S. Student (non-thesis): Summer 2014
Camera Calibration for Computer Vision Based Remote Sensing

Prof. Wood pictured (center) with two graduate students assessing structural damage after the 2014 Pilger Nebraska tornado family.