Previous Research Projects

Structural Damage Detection from Three-Dimensional Point Clouds

Detect surface anomalies from large training point cloud sets. Role: PI. Status: Funded - Project Complete.

Protocol to Evaluate and Load Rate Existing Bridges

Outline field test evaluation procedures for older marginal bridges to verify their extended performance and capacity. Role: co-PI. Collaborators: Maria Szerszen (PI), Joshua Steelman (co-PI). Status: Funded - Project Complete.

Design Procedures of Retrofitted Bridge Rail

Feasibility study to determine the capacity of shallow embedded anchorage for bridge rail within 3R (resurfacing, restoration, and rehabilitation) projects. Role: PI. Status: Funded - Project Complete.

Lifting Capacity of Hollow Core Planks

Experimental verification, no details (proprietary). Role: PI. Status: Funded - Project Complete.

Research Fellow with IGERT-TEECH

Characterizing the sensitivity of nonstructural systems in cultural heritage structures using diagnostic imaging techniques. Assessment of the cracked frescoes in the Sala degli Elementi within Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio using lidar (Light Detection and Ranging).


Developing a design-oriented lumped partition wall model simulating its hysteretic behavior from experimental results. This allowed for the study of additional wall configurations, the inclusion of realistic earthquakes, and sensitivity studies through its inclusion in the nonlinear analyses of a building system.

Hilti Seismic Project

Characterized the anticipated demands on anchored nonstructural components, namely seismic cyclic crack and load protocols, as input for component tests conducted in experimental facilities at UCSD and Universität Stuttgart.

BNCS 5-Story Building Test at UCSD

Worked as a damage inspector for nonstructural components subjected to a suite of motions. Provided damage characterization and guidance for documentation. Also conducted lidar scans of the building to document its geometry and post-event damage states.