Active Research Projects

Proyecto Rescate de Rosalila: Teledetección (Rescuing Rosalila Project: Remote Sensing)

Capturando escaneos laser 3D de Rosalila (Templo 16, Copán Ruinas, Honduras) para conserverla. (Capturing lidar scans of Rosalila (Temple 16) in Copán Ruinas, Honduras for conservation). Role: PI. Collaborators: Heather Richards-Rissetto (co-PI), Christine E. Wittich (co-PI). Status: Funded - Ongoing, but anticipated delay due to covid-19.

Assessment of Post-Tornado Damage in the Built and Natural Environment

Use of remote sensing to identify and extract damage patterns to validate tornado models and hazard characterization. Role: PI. Collaborators: withheld (not publically available). Status: Funded - Ongoing.

Outdoor Laboratory and Testbed for Bridge Health (Link to project)

Establishment of the Nebraska Outdoor Bridge Laboratory (NOBL) facility consisting of two steel bridge structures near Yutan/Venice and one concrete bridge structure in (north) Omaha. Facility to be used for research, education, and outreach as a joint venture between UNL and Nebraska DOT.  For more details, please inquire with the PI. Role: PI. Collaborators: Christine E. Wittich (co-PI), Joshua S. Steelman (co-PI), Jay A. Puckett (co-PI), Daniel G. Linzell (co-PI), Jinying Zhu (co-PI). Status: Funded - Ongoing.

Data-Driven Prioritization and Empirical Predictions for Scour of Rural Bridges in Nebraska

Evaluate, characterize, and predict scour at bridge structures throughout Nebraska. Role: PI. Collaborators: Christine E. Wittich (co-PI), Junke Guo (co-PI), Chung R. Song (co-PI). Status: Funded - Ongoing.

Phased Construction Bridges: Monitoring and Analysis for Traffic-Induced Vibration

Quantify and confirm the sources of reduced serviceability of phased construction bridges using field monitoring and laboratory investigation. Role: co-PI. Collaborators: Christine E. Wittich (PI), George Morcous (co-PI). Status: Funded - Ongoing.

Biopolymerized Slope Stablization and Advanced Field Monitoring

Field recommendations and implementation of biopolymers on Nebraska slopes. Role: co-PI. Collaborators: Chung R. Song (PI), Yong-Rak Kim (co-PI), Jongwan Eun (co-PI). Status: Funded - Ongoing.

Spokes: Medium: Midwest: Smart Big Data Pipeline for Aging Rural Bridge Transportation Infrastructure

The research team will combine existing and new datasets to address challenges of relevance to bridge owners using scalable and replicable big data pipeline components. Role: SP. Collaborators: Robin Gandhi (PI). Status: Funded - Ongoing.