Active Research Projects

NSF Big Data Spoke Seed Grant: Data Mining of Aerial-Based Multispectral-Tagged Point Clouds for Canopy Structure and Vigor Mapping

Details forthcoming. Role: co-PI. Collaborators: Yeyin Shi (Biological Systems Engineering, PI). Status: Funded - Project Initiated.

Autonomous Structural Health Monitoring of Critical Infrastructure Using Intelligent Multi-UAS

Details forthcoming. Role: PI. Collaborators: Raj Dasgupta (UNO Computer Science, co-PI) and Robin Gandhi (UNO School of Interdisciplinary Informatics, co-PI). Status: Funded - Project Ongoing.

Applications of LiDAR for DOT Applications

Prepare specifications for implementation and integration into existing workflows for structural, transportation, and geotechnical applications. Role: PI. Collaborators: Chung Song (co-PI) and Yong-Rak Kim (co-PI). Status: Funded - Project Ongoing.

RAPID/Collaborative Research: Multi-Platform 3-D Data Preservation of Tornado Damage to Engineered Structures in Texas during November 16-17, 2015

Digital data collection using ground based LiDAR and tethered unmanned aerial vehicles for wind structure and wind speed estimations at the Halliburton Oilfield Services facility near Pampa, TX. Role: PI. Collaborative Partners: J. Arn Womble (West Texas A&M) and Douglas A. Smith (Texas Tech). Status: Funded - Project Ongoing. CMMI-1623542.

Performance Evaluation of Inverted Tee (IT) Bridge System

Assess in-place inverted tee bridge systems for efficiency, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Invokes field assessment and numerical modeling techniques. Role: PI. Collaborators: George Morcous (co-PI) and Asregedew Woldesenbet (co-PI). Status: Funded - Project Ongoing.

Improvement of Low Traffic Volume Gravel Roads in Nebraska

Provide recommendations for surface gravel road specifications using native materials through material characterization and field assessment. Role: PI. Collaborator: Yong-Rak Kim (co-PI). Status: Funded - Project Ongoing.

Condition Assessment of Bridge Decks with Asphalt Overlay

Demonstrate example nondestructive testing techniques to quantify concrete bridge decks underneath thin asphalt overlays. Role: co-PI. Collaborators: Jinying Zhu (PI). Status: Funded - Project Ongoing.